International conference in Växjö in honour of Cajsa S. Lund

In cooperation with Linnaeus University I have initiated an international symposium in honour of the acclaimed Swedish music archaeologist Cajsa S. Lund. It will take place in the University campus in Växjö the 18th and 19th of February 2016. We have invited speakers from several European countries. Keynote speaker will be Iain Morley, University of Oxford. The conference language is English, and the title of the symposium is “The Archaeology of Sound, Acoustics and Music”.

In the field of music archaeology Cajsa S. Lund is a pioneer. She has been among the first to carry out systematic and continuing research on sound tools from archaeological materials, and she has for a long time played an active role in Sweden and internationally. Lund is now part of the project team of the EU-funded project EMAP, and she is affiliated to Linnaeus University, where she is lecturing and introducing a new generation to the field of music archaeology.

The symposium is a cooperation between the subjects of musicology and archaeology at the Linnaeus University, and one of its aims is to stimulate crossdisciplinary research and cooperation between archaeological and musicological communities, in the Nordic countries and internationally. The symposium in particular turn to young scholars and students.

The event is scheduled for two days, and is open to the public. Programme and practical information about registration etc. will be announced later. More at this Linnaeus University webpage. For questions and more information, you can also contact me; contact information in the top menu here.

The symposium is supported by the Swedish Research Council and the Nordic Culture Fund.

Cajsa S. Lund. Foto: Charlotte Frantzdotter.

Gjermund Kolltveit

Music archaeologist, ethnomusicologist, musician – Nesodden, Norway. Main research interests: sound and sound tools (e.g. jew’s harps, lyres, ringing stones, bells) in human culture and soundscapes.

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