My article in Aftenposten Historie is out!

Issue No. 5 of the popular magazine Aftenposten Historie is on sale today. There you will find my article on the earliest history and evolutionary roots of music. The article is accompanied by a lot of illustrations and fills eight pages.

I focus on the first archaeological finds of musical instruments in the earliest period of modern humans in Europe (40,000 years ago), and proceed to the roots of these musical behaviours, that dates back to earlier human species.

Aftenposten hist 2 My article builds on some sections of my book Jordas skjulte toner.

You can order the book directly from me (see contact information in the top menu), from the publisher Ford Forlag, or from an online bookshop, for instance

Speaking of the book, some photos from the launch at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo can be found on this Facebook page:

Gjermund Kolltveit

Music archaeologist, ethnomusicologist, musician – Nesodden, Norway. Main research interests: sound and sound tools (e.g. jew’s harps, lyres, ringing stones, bells) in human culture and soundscapes.

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