A Scandinavian view on Music Archaeology: Research, Directions, Methodology, and Materials

Arxeologïyalıq qazba jumıstarınan tabılğan köne mwzıkalıq aspaptar: jïnalw jäne zerttelw mäseleleri [Ancient Musical Instruments found in Archaeological Excavations: Problems of Collection and Research]: 79–85, 207 (figures). Almaty: Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykhlas (2019)

Music archaeology is well known in Scandinavia among archaeologists and musicologists. Still, this interdisciplinary field of research is a fairly marginal subject, and there is no chair in music archaeology at any university, neither in Scandinavia nor elsewhere. This paper describes the characteristics of music archaeology, especially its Scandinavian version, including its aims, directions and methods, and exemplifies some of the relevant artefacts. It also discusses terminology, such as the use of ‘sound tools’ instead of ‘musical instrument’.

English text. Printed in Kazakh journal. Keywords: Music archaeology, archaeomusicology, archaeoacoustics, Scandinavia, musical instruments, sound tools, methodology